05 March 2017

Nintendo Switch: Quick unboxing and first impressions

After being awed during the premiere, I couldn't refuse the urge to buy the Nintendo Switch on release day, so here it is, shining on my table. Now see the content here!
Available in Red/blue or silver variant, I chose the Red/blue

23 February 2017

Nintendo Switch: Belgian Premiere

Today I was invited to attend the Belgian Nintendo Premiere. This way I could feel and see some of the upcoming games Nintendo has planned for release some time beforehand. Traveling to Brussels I was filled with anticipation and couldn't wait to get some hands-on experience with the Nintendo Switch after reading/hearing so much about it!

20 February 2017

For Honor

Only a week after the closed and open beta, Ubisoft has released "For Honor" upon us. Their new IP gives you the option to be the swordfighting, bloodsoaked ultimate warrior you always wanted to be! The game offers an interesting way of doing battle, in multiplayer (versus others and/or AI) and a story driven single player mode. So sharpen your thoughts and read on!
For HONOR, and glory!

11 February 2017


Droomhuis is an excellent (Dutch only!) family game for 3 to 4 players, where every player uses cards to create their own house following some very basic rules. With simple rules and fun and easy gameplay, you and your children will create your own dreamhouse time after time in about 30 minutes per game!
Everything about this game is inviting!

05 February 2017


Dixit is a game for 3 to 12 players that lets your imagination be the difference. With the slogan of "a picture says more than a thousands words", you try to let some people guess which is your picture from all the other pictures, using a single hint. While in other turns, you'll add a picture to the pool to try and confuse others in voting for you. Imagination and fun are key while playing this game, playable by everyone!
Step into a game about imagination!

28 January 2017

For Honor Beta

This weekend Ubisoft entertains us with the beta of their upcoming game For Honor.
I had the pleasure of partaking in this beta, and found it to be a great version of medieval Rainbow Six!
Hack and slash your epic way through hordes of enemies in a quest to slay other heroes is the concept and it works great!

24 January 2017

Final Fantasy XV

After a good three years without a new entry in the main series, Square-Enix has finally released the game some of us have been waiting on for the better part of a decade. Most fans agree that the series has been in decline for smoe time and had their last hopes pinned on this title. With the promise of a returned focus on a limited cast of characters, a more fluid and open game style and the gorgeous graphics that were one of the few redeeming factors of the newer entries, it certainly proved that the series is not yet running on it’s final legs.
15 and still going baby!
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