05 March 2017

Nintendo Switch: Quick unboxing and first impressions

After being awed during the premiere, I couldn't refuse the urge to buy the Nintendo Switch on release day, so here it is, shining on my table. Now see the content here!
Available in Red/blue or silver variant, I chose the Red/blue


The Switch comes in a sturdy box which features a two layered package.
Nicely wrapped package
While the top layer contains the two Joy-Con's and the Switch screen itself, the bottom half contains an installation booklet, all the extra peripherals, power supply and HDMI cable.
Taking it all out
So what do we have there in total? An 1,5m HDMI cable, together with the 1,5m power supply cable (Nintendo specific connection). The two joy-con's flanked by the controller in which they click. The charging stand for the Switch. the Nintendo Switch, and two joy-con straps make up the entirity of the package! Installing it, was really easy. Simply plug the HDMI into your TV and the charging stand, the power cable goes from your socket to the charging stand, and your done!
In order to help you with cable management, the charging stand even includes a cable guidance

 Why should you buy it?

Although this is a first-gen console, it offers you much more prospect than the previous version (Wii U). The console automatically includes two controllers, and being able to use it on-the-go is, not only very handy, but really priceless. The transition between TV screen and portable fun goes seamlessly. So why wait, you know you'll make the switch to Switch :)
Hiding nicely behind the TV, it's kinda safe from the kid's grasp

Why leave it?

With the lack of games, and some issues rising (with few players) you could still say that it's a first-gen console, and not really a must to upgrade if you own a Wii U. Though I feel that upcoming games will take away that remark. If you're not interested in Nintendo-only titles, you'll probably won't even be reading this, so I won't waste more time for both of us.


While the Nintendo Switch contains everything you need to set up your console on a HDMI cable, it does NOT include an ethernet connection, but onboard WiFi. Your TV will need a free HDMI port but that shouldn't be an issue. 
Though maybe packs will come out with a feature game in the future, this has actually been debunked by Nintendo at this moment. You will need to further invest in games and possibly the Pro Controller to really play your games (like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild), making this a starting investment of around 350 to 420€. In any case.. I'm off to continue my adventure in Hyrule! 
Welcome back Link...

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